Coffee blood pressure – helps the elasticity of blood vessels

Coffee blood pressure – helps the elasticity of blood vessels

coffee blood pressure got connection with Moderate drinking coffee helps the elasticity of blood vessels

It is also an environment in which to drink coffee. It’s about having fun with friends and family, relaxation and discussion about what bothers us


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secret to a long life

Drinking one cup of coffee a day could be the secret to a long life, the researchers said. A unique research on what helps people to live to a hundred years has shown that even those with high blood pressure healthier if you drink a cup of coffee a day. According to research, it improves the elasticity of the vessels, protects against heart disease.

The researchers looked at the inhabitants of the Greek island of Ikaria in the age of 65-100 years. This island is known for its longevity, a third of the population experiences a 90 year life. In this population has 20 percent fewer cases of cancer than average in the West, and almost no dementia. Here are traveling for health in the 6th century, as the ancient Greeks and Romans frequented the local hot springs.

protects the heart

Experts attribute the longevity of the islanders Mediterranean diet that protects the heart, but also local products such as honey and herbal teas. In the new study the Athens University experts were interested in helping you and a traditional Greek coffee drinking the health of residents of the island of Ikaria. They studied 485 people who had high blood pressure. It was found a better balance of the blood vessels of those islanders who are moderate coffee drinking, one to two cups a day, compared to those who drank little or no coffee did not drink. The worst condition of the blood vessels was in those who consumed more than two cups a day.

However, nutritionists believe that is important and environment in which to drink coffee. It is about having fun with friends in a cafe, or with family at home, when people relax and discuss what is bothering them. It is important to drink coffee in a good mood, the researchers suggest.

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