Coffee beans And The Potential To Maintain The Quality

The final quality of the coffee beans is very dependent on the processing of the coffee bean. Cherry skin and pulp must be removed without damaging the coffee seeds inside and It’s must be dried before roasting. The drying process should be to dry the beans evenly and completely to maintain the quality.

The first phase of the coffee bean term is the determination of potential. Some coffee beans grow perfectly in a particular microclimate of the soil and grow poorly in other situations. Coffee can also be a line or livestock farmer who helps to choose the best bean for a particular area.

Coffee Beans

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Coffee Beans Variety

Grains of coffee are developing in fruits berry looks size of a cherry. Berries are grouped in clusters and are harvested,  the sign is when it’s took on a dark red color. Inside berries are generally placed two light green seeds or grains, flat side facing towards one another.Grain wraps a thin, transparent, silvery membrane – parchment. The seeds are immersed in a soft slimy pulp for development. And whole fruit is wrapped outside, usually rather leathery membrane.

Green coffee bean contains:

49% carbohydrates,

12% water,

11.4% of oils and fats,

11% protein,

7.6% chlorogenic acid,

potassium (K), calcium (Ca), trace elements, copper (Cu) and iron (Fe) and a small amount of alkaloid caffeine and trigonelline.

Composition of green coffee beans in the first place depends on the plant species, and only then on the composition and type of soil in which it manages.During roasting the chemical composition of grain is quite different.

On the coffee beans, the damage can cause small insects (Scolytes), known as punch coffee(Stephanoderes hampeii).They like weevils in beans drill small holes, which can deteriorate the quality of the coffee. Attacking another coffee plantation, but also in the bags. Especially like to punch Robusta beans.


There is a big difference flavors to try to identify or describe the flavor or specifically designate. Everyone must know the effect you feel a scent. It is similar to like foreign languages, where there is also a big difference between assets and passive use of languages. More understanding than you talk. We often say that we lack practice.


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