Coffee Barista – Master Art of Latte Coffee And Cappuccino

One thing that you think about the Coffee Barista is they make great coffee. Or create an amazing latte art that can be downloaded to Instagram. But believe me, they do things that are more than that.

In addition to espresso machines and coffee itself, the barista is the ‘soul’ of a coffee shop. They are important factors that become the ‘face’ for a coffee shop. They are the ones who look cool behind the espresso machine, wearing an apron and with luck have a good looking appearance that makes the costumer happy even before the coffee cup landed on the lips. But you know that the barista how else is man who miraculously do things that perhaps you did not know before.

 What is a coffee barista?

coffee barista called a person versed in the art of latte coffee and masterfully creates pictures cappuccino cup, pouring the milk foam on espresso coffee. Barista has knowledge of the coffee blends, coffee roasting, espresso machine use and maintenance, frothing, and a lot of things. Such knowledge can be acquired Barista courses.

Barista espresso machine is capable of using artist, perfectly knowledgeable about coffee and preparing, decorating and serving drinks to customers. Barista – is an Italian word for a bar owner.

Latte Art

credits : b80399/Flickr

Coffee assessed our barista team

Definition coffee barista has a lot. Professional coffee barista often sees themselves as artists and masters of a coffee espresso machine. Barista has extensive knowledge of raw materials coffee cultivation, processing, preparing, roasting and history of coffee. To serve the customer to know what his guests drink or how to interest them in for coffee. Coffee barista constantly experiment, explores and constantly working on his relationship with coffee.

Barista – an exciting profession and mission

For coffee lovers, this is not the barista profession and remain as anonymous. Since we do care about good coffee, finally we decided to change it. Wikipedia is in this respect is very succinct, speaks of a man who specializes in coffee, especially espresso, and espresso-based drinks. Barista, respectively. bartender, which is the basis of the word barista, should be the man to “his” place. As places demands on other professionals, whether in culture, sports, arts and medicine, we should require professionalism and the people who care about our moments of comfort in different kinds of gastronomic facilities, restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, and bars and whose mission is to make great coffee. On the other hand, the question is how a layman will assess the work of a professional, which, moreover, takes place behind the counter, where the majority nedovidíme.

The basic requirement is that when we order we expect to be served by a professional. If we can not navigate through a variety of special names of dishes, drinks, and coffees that we offer tempting drinks menu, we should just go to the barista and ask him or her for advice, explanation, or its recommendation. Sometimes we meet and has no idea of what it’s ristretto, espresso, macchiato, and certainly can not provide a solid answer to the question why we cappuccino surface covered in arbitrary / and cinnamon.

Barista Coffee Tasting Them Before Starting Work

Not many know that the baristas often come to the coffee shop a little faster than their shift. The reason is simple, they make coffee and tasting that coffee taste the same and uniform throughout the day. So there would be no coffee taste different between the first cup you sips with cups next. They started making coffee for themselves and balance the taste before they meet the costumer who will be tasting their coffee.


Liz pouring Latte Art

Credits : Jorge Rimblas/Flickr

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