Coffee Addiction Help – 7 Secret Why Caffeine Is Addictive

Coffee Addiction Help – Caffeine Is Addictive

Coffee addiction help the coffee drinker. Just like without sun as morning coffee is much more than a ritual. Delicious hot drink and irreplaceable taste is full of caffeine. And alkaloid contained in the leaves, seeds and fruits of plants. In addition to coffee and tea is some juices and popular energy drinks. But everything is so delicious to be harmful to our health. Is this really so? Learn the truth about the 7 most common myths about caffeine and coffee addiction help works.

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Here’s the deal :

1st Caffeine is addictive

dependence on caffeine is actually a myth. This ingredient that most daily entries drinking coffee stimulating effect on the central nervous system. The sudden cessation of consumption can cause nervousness, headaches and fatigue , but these symptoms usually last for a day or two and retreat, and can be completely avoided if caffeine intake gradually decreases .

2nd Caffeine causes insomnia

This fact depends on a number of factors such as body, habits and time drinking coffee or other ways of caffeine ingestion. The body rapidly absorbs the caffeine, but it is just as quick and free. For example, only four to five hours after consumption of your body is dumped more than 75 percent of the caffeine. Therefore, except for extremely sensitive people morning coffee or after lunch it should not cause any problems with insomnia .

3rd Caffeine increases the risk of heart disease

Numerous studies have shown that caffeine consumption does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, does not increase blood cholesterol levels even cause heart arrhythmia. Individuals sensitive to this ingredient can feel the change, such as accelerating the heart rate and blood pressure increase, but it is all in the normal range and very short-lived and can be compared to the state after walking up the stairs.

4th Pregnant women and women who plan to become pregnant should not take caffeine

Although it sounds natural that pregnant women should avoid caffeine, numerous studies have shown that the optimal daily dose of caffeine (300 mg) such as a morning coffee after lunch and it does not have negative effects on the reduction fertility. Also, studies have not found a connection either between caffeine intake and the risk of premature birth, the occurrence of birth defects, the risk of spontaneous labor as no abnormal fetal growth.

5th Caffeine is bad for children’s

bodies are have the same ability to absorb the caffeine and the body adults. Also optimal daily dose of caffeine (300 mg) has no effect on hyperactivity disorder nor the concentration in children. Only at a very sensitive child, as well as in adult high doses of caffeine can cause temporary symptoms such as irritability and insomnia .

6th Caffeine reverses effects of alcohol

may sound good, but unfortunately this is yet another falsehood. People just think that a cup of coffee after a crazy night out miracles but we are talking about an assumed reaction that has nothing to do with hangovers.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that the combination of alcohol and caffeine does not give any results on the response time nor the possibility of a realistic assessment of the situation. Therefore, if you think that after drinking alcohol and coffee you can get behind the wheel, think again.

7th Caffeine has no effect on health

is improving Caffeine elevates mood, improves concentration and provides energy. But that’s not all. Research has shown that drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks improve memory and logical reasoning. It is an excellent antioxidant, has a positive effect on heart health, and very helpful in relieving symptoms of allergic reactions. The optimal daily dose of caffeine acts as a prevention of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

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