Caramel macchiato – Latte Macchiato

Caramel macchiato  – Latte Macchiato is unmanly

Caramel macchiato or other coffee drinks are consumed by people nowadays. 2315 cups of coffee drink the citizen per second. It is not the only numbers that are known about coffee-drinkers – and by far not the most bizarre.

caramel macchiato

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In the kitchen, the coffee machine bubbles and bursts, the smell of fresh coffee slowly flows through the apartment. This concept provides a comfortable feeling for the 66 million German coffee drinkers. Because more than 96 per cent of them still enjoy their coffee at home.
Half of the coffee lovers taste the hot drink in their own four walls, while almost a quarter of the respondents prefer to use a cup or mug in a café. Three-quarters of the café visitors like to get a biscuit for their hot drinks such as caramel macchiato. Under roofs, the filter coffee machine defends its pre-position, but the padding machine picks up. In six years, a number of coffee pods nearly fivefold – from 6600 tons in 2005 to 31,000 tons in 2011. The amount of coffee that landed in coffee capsules in the same year, however, was only 6650 tons. However, it was only 400 tons in 2005, which is why there is also enormous growth. Depending on the state, only about every fourth or fifth still breeds by hand.

Pleasure is crucial

But whatever you make your coffee is crucial: “Coffee is not the same coffee, because there are considerable differences in taste,” says the overwhelming majority of coffee drinkers. Women are more likely to appreciate the combination of coffee and conversation than men – perhaps their talks would rather lead to a beer. But when visitors come, men and women almost always offer coffee. This includes milk and sugar, biscuits and cakes as well as tablecloths and paper napkins on the coffee table.

Caramel Macchiato

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Three-quarters of the adults drink at least one cup of coffee daily, but this often from a mug rather than from a cup. For breakfast, 47.7 percent prefer caffeinated coffee, while seven percent prefer decaffeinated coffee and about one-tenth to cocoa.
But men should be careful when they reach the milk coffee. Only 1.5 percent of their partners find that coffee specialties are “male” with milk. Even worse is the situation among women: of them, the figure is only 0.4 percent. If you want to impress with the ladies impression, should not necessarily with a Latte Macchiato or caramel macchiato in the hand to look. Many people drink cappuccino rather than the coffee in the glass.

Coffee and drink

The word “coffee break” is positively occupied for 76.3 per cent of the coffee drinkers. The statisticians, however, have not ascertained whether this is due to the coffee, the pause, or both. However, there are indications: Almost two-thirds prefer their coffee at work, but only 2.5 percent tastes best there. If you now think with horror of what your office coffee machine produces, you are comforting yourself: you are in good company.
But the coffee can not be too bad. After all, 2315 cups of coffee flow through threats per second. That makes 73 billion cups a year. And on this achievement we can smoothly have a nice cup of bean coffee, right?

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