Caffeine intake – 7 things the life of caffeine

Caffeine intake – 7 things the life of caffeine

Caffeine intake, the most consumed stimulant, has strengths such as better memory and greater vigilance, but on the other hand we hear stories of people who say that their renunciation of caffeine change your life for the better. This is a 7 a side effect that you will most likely feel if you decide to throw out caffeine from your diet


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” If you give up caffeine, you will be calmer because this stimulus stimulates the nervous system and the release of adrenaline which makes us nervous. How’s the caffeine intake in our life?

1. you will feel bad (for a while)

Prepare yourself that you will be the first 7-10 days to feel bad as a result of denial of caffeine the body for it used to. You may feel fatigue, headaches and powerful swings. It would therefore be good to the people around you say that you give up caffeine in order to have more understanding for your mood swings.

2. you lose weight …

Often we are not even aware of how many calories we consume drinking caffeinated drinks. It’s not the caffeine than the sugar that is added to drinks that contain the stimulant, such as soft drinks, as well as some types of coffee from coffee shops that are crowded calorie cream.

3. … or fat

Caffeine temporarily suppresses appetite which is why we feel more hungry when you stop drinking. Therefore, the best choice to drink plain black coffee without sugar because it is devoid of the ingredients that are fattening.

4. Better you sleep and have more energy

San you can disrupt and caffeine you’ve ingested six hours before going to bed. Wake up tired and need more caffeine and ‘vicious’ cycle continues. Therefore, people who do not bring caffeine have a deeper and healthier sleep and the people who consume very little caffeine. As your body gets used to function without caffeine is very likely you will feel tired, but in the long run you will have more energy than when you drink caffeine.

5. You’ll be calmer

Caffeine is a stimulant that stimulates the nervous system and the release of adrenaline which makes us nervous and vulnerable to stress. With this narrows the blood vessels and thus increases blood pressure.

6. You will have a healthier digestion

is known that caffeine in coffee stimulates digestion, but because of its high acidity coffee often can cause diarrhea. Eliminating caffeine will make a lot in preventing emergency visits to the toilet.

7. antioxidants

Coffee is a major source of antioxidants, essential elements for the work of the whole organism. Studies have shown that women who drink coffee there is a lower risk of breast cancer and that drinking three to five cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of death from heart disease by 21 percent. Green tea is one of the largest sources of antioxidants, so if you decide to give up coffee, and reduce the intake of tea, start eating more fruits and vegetables.

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