Caffeine insomnia – what is more effective?

Caffeine insomnia – what is more effective?

Caffeine insomnia – Believe it or not, there is something more effective than just coffee or just sleeping! And it is – a combination that two, or something called coffee nap or if we think of ourselves Croatian name, caffeine dream. Therefore, if you suffer from afternoon fatigue, try this!

All wisdom fit in one sentence: drink coffee and then briefly Take catnaps. No more than 20-30 minutes. What kind of sense does it make? Drinking caffeinated coffee 20 minutes or less, before a short sleep, increase the effectiveness of rest of your body, as well as the activity of your brain.

When you drink coffee, caffeine is absorbed into your bloodstream and thus the brain. There Caffeine binds to receptors that normally bind adenosine, like molecule chemical form and caffeine. In this case, adenosine was dropped and most of these molecules have an opportunity to bind to the receptors, the effect of caffeine stronger, resulting in a feeling of well-being without fatigue.

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Well, we can say that the adenosine byproduct of brain activity, and when the purchases, as in the cases of action of caffeine, which prevents him from access to receptors, subsequently binds to receptors and all eventually resulted in the sense of fatigue and sleepiness.

Thus, the arrival of adenosine receptors to be postponed, but not canceled. It is in this competition caffeine and adenosine receptors are coming to an important part!

Caffeine dream

After some coffee, drink it as soon as possible, and then lie down and try to sleep about 20 minutes. There are two reasons why:

Just a dream ” pure ” brain of adenosine, a short sleep provides the necessary energy and fast regeneration and activation of the brain.
Caffeine needed 20 minutes to begin to work through the bloodstream.
Therefore, sleep reduced levels of adenosine, at a time when caffeine is activated. Thus caffeine has less work in competition with adenosine receptors and winning. The result is a restfulness, preparedness and longer feeling energetic.

Even if you fail to completely fall asleep, do not worry, enough will be the only quiet half-sleep. Much more important than that is that you do not sleep for more than 20 minutes because in this period there is a deeper sleep, which later can result in fatigue and disorientation.

Is there a science of evidence for this method of caffeine insomnia?

Although there is no specific observations and analysis on this method. The scientists were enough existing knowledge about the impact of caffeine. Sleep on the brain and body functioning. But what has been studied and recorded the experiments are the effects of caffeine sleep.

At the same time, there has been shown that the caffeine sleep much better option than just drinking coffee or sleep separately and in order to increase the effectiveness and readiness of the individual to new environmental influences. It has been proven in several studies conducted in the United Kingdom on the combination of caffeine and naps, and the effect of caffeine and napping.

Coffee or just nap

Thus, the aforementioned research within the University of Loughborough showed that participants who slept 15 minutes after drunk coffee made fewer mistakes in the simulation of driving but in a situation where they only have coffee or just nap. This was confirmed in those individuals who have had problems with severe falling asleep.

Besides these studies, it is worth mentioning one a Japanese study that has also proved to sleep after coffee affects the functioning of the individual. Respondents coffee after a brief nap, and when they woke up they made a series of tests of memory.

observation caffeine insomnia

It was observed that the subjects which are as best. As tests of memory after caffeine dream was much more successful in the test of those groups of individuals who are just slept. The third group who slept, washed up and been stimulated by strong light. Also, subjects who slept caffeine san claimed to feel less tired.

With a support of the Caffeine, dream goes one study, which involved 24 subjects (men). The result is None of them slept deep sleep for 24 hours. They were asleep several times during 24 hours, and have tried to work with multi-stage sleep.

Twelve of them, given the placebo. Resolve the bad tests of cognitive abilities compared with the basic results of which are solved before this study. The other half of which dealt with the same test after caffeine sleep showed throughout the day almost the same results compared with the basic results.

And, that you have a method for fatigue decided to choose – a dream, coffee, or both?

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