Caffeine allergy test in some symptoms

Caffeine allergy test in some symptoms

Caffeine allergy test? What can you do if you suffer from the symptoms of coffee intolerance, but passionately likes drinking coffee?


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Have you ever Espresso tried?

Many people who react to symptoms such as heartburn or other stomach complaints on the coffee can tolerate real espresso since the latter contains less acid due to the considerably shorter preparation time.

Temperature Matter

The hotter the coffee is boiled, the higher its acid content. For people with coffee intolerance advisable to check the temperature before prepared at a lower temperature.

Black coffee or coffee with milk

Anyone who does not tolerate black coffee should give some milk to the coffee. This makes it more compatible.

decaffeinate coffee or Caro Coffee grab

If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may want to decaffeinate coffee or Caro Coffee grab. A disadvantage of the decaffeinated coffee is that the solvent used to dissolve the caffeine can not always be completely removed.

  • that is coffee without chlorogenic acid.In biliousness suitable steamed coffee – that is coffee without chlorogenic acid.
  • Anyone suffering from a nervous stomach, it can with caffeine allergy test coffee try. Low-irritation coffee is obtained by reducing the outer wax content of the coffee bean by means of solvents and steam. However, this treatment does not alter the caffeine content, so people with caffeine intolerance with low-irritated coffee are not helped.
  • Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach. The acid contained in coffee attacks the gastric mucosa; A small “underlay” contributes significantly to the compatibility of the coffee.
  • In the case of instant coffee, molds are often found in coffee beans or in the various teas. Who is sensitive to these molds, can, if he will not renounce his caffeine dose on caffeine pills change.
  • Check which coffee type or type of cooking you are less sensitive to. The individual coffees, different amounts of acid or irritants contained. In addition, depending on the quality of each type of coffee varies the type and amount of additives, respond to the many people sensitive.
  • If you are sure that you react to certain additives the supermarket coffees, you should organic coffee dodge.

espresso machine could become a matter

Some people get abdominal pain when they drink coffee made in an espresso machine. When an espresso cooker is heated with an aluminum inner coating, a tiny part of the toxic heavy metals, which sensitive people can react, always dissolve.

hygienic conditions

A coffee incompatibility can also precarious hygienic conditions be due to the coffee pod machines. Many parts can not be cleaned properly,but it only helps to buy a new device or to switch to soluble coffee.

coffee allergy with the amount

The hackneyed saying “The dose makes the poison” also applies to coffee: As with many other things, it is important to find the personal optimal quantity. Coffee intolerance is not the same as a coffee allergy but depends on the amount. Likewise, one is the development of tolerance possible. If the best friend can drink 5 cups of coffee without complaints, however, this does not automatically apply to other people.

Important note:

If you are suffering from the symptoms of your coffee intolerance, and you would like to know the reason for it, you should definitely go to the doctor.

This caffeine allergy test  can not and will not replace an examination with a doctor!

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