Caffeine Addiction Help And 10 Side Effects Coffee

Caffeine addiction help is needed 

Caffeine addiction help is needed for the coffee drinker. MORNING ritual in most people include drinking coffee, but some continue to excessive consumption of the same through the day.

Now you can actually notice this ?

It is possible that coffee unconsciously grows in the shape of light dependence, and this usually happens when you do not really have the need for it but so filling Leisure and breaks from work.

However, research shows that five or more cups of coffee a day can cause so many unpleasant consequences for your organism. caffeine addiction help has compiled a list of possible side effects associated with excessive consumption of coffee.

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10 side effects associated with excessive consumption of coffee.

1st People who are under severe stress and consume a lot of caffeine can hear sounds which actually does. Professor Simon Crowe from the University of Melbourne conducted a study in which participants need to press a button when they hear the song. Those affected by stress and too much caffeine button are pressed, but the song actually was not.

2nd Large amounts of caffeine can damage your liver, especially if at the same time use and painkillers.

3rd It can increase blood pressure, and in a study from 2012, it is claimed that coffee can stimulate the heart and cause shallow breathing.

4th You can become irrational and irritable because of slow attaching to the flow of oxygen to the brain.

5th Too much coffee can cause insomnia. Caffeine is needed 24 hours to leave the body, but this figure varies from person to person.

6th About caffeine can become addicted, and it can change your mood. When you cease to function, cognitive your options are reduced, and your mood is ruined. The only way to recover is to drink coffee because that is again short feel good.

7th Quitting caffeine can cause a headache which occurs within 12 to 24 hours after the last consumption.

8th Also, quitting you can depress and make you feel anxious, tired and sleepy.

9th It increases the risk of osteoporosis, therefore ingest enough calcium and vitamin D.

10th Your bladder you can get to more frequent urination with frequent consumption of coffee

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