Best coffee machine and how to choosing the type of coffee machine should both take into account the capacity of the machine, its quality and service time, service and price on the machine – and required training.

Do not buy a machine just because it has the beautiful design! It helps little if it can not make good coffee. Should you buy a new coffee machine, the NKI best advice to talk to others in the same industry. Listen to their experiences, especially with regard to whether the machine works well, how it is to operate and clean, not to mention the service is good.

Coffee Maker - Studio Render

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Capacity The equipment you buy must have such a capacity that it covers the daily needs of both busy and quiet periods. You need to determine, as accurately as possible, how many cups to be served at what times. Compare this with the various machine capacity. Take into account that the coffee should not be kept for more than half an hour and that no machine should be used at less than 3/4 of its cooking capacity.

The fully automatic machine has generally very high capacity. The machines have their own storage tanks and you can start a new brewing before all your freshly brewed coffee is tapped out. Capacity may vary from 350 to 500 cups per hour.

Instant Solutions

Instant Solutions / hot beverage machines User powder or extract mixed with hot water. High capacity (150-700 cups per hour), but does not provide freshly brewed coffee.

Before going to buy coffee, you must know how much coffee you plan to sell. It is worth noting that most large households buy large coffee machines. Need help, contact your machine supplier, coffee supplier or Norwegian Coffee Association.

Training How complicated is your computer? It takes five minutes to learn how to operate it, or you have to spend a long time on each employee?

Service Almost as important as the choice of machine type, the choice of supplier. Before going to the procurement of a machine, you should check carefully the service provider can offer. It is unacceptable to have a coffee machine that is not working satisfactorily and where there are several weeks waiting for service. No machine lasts forever. Parts will eventually be replaced and adjustments must be made. Check with your provider about how they solve this and what it costs. If you buy a fully automatic machine

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