10 Difference between Arabica Coffee Beans And Robusta Coffee Beans

You might sees Arabica and Robusta may have similar appearance. For Coffee lover, this will be helpful to get to know slightly about this two variety. Arabica and Robusta is totaly have difference from its shape, taste, aroma, characteristic, also the after-finished taste. You may noticed about this type in some coffee packaging when you’re buy or consume.

They are called in normal usage. Coffee Arabica and Coffee canephora are the economically most important species of coffee plant. Worldwide, about 3 times more than Arabica grown Robusta. Other varieties such as Coffee liberica or Coffee excelso are likely to be classified as exotic. Generally we don’t know much about the significantly differentiate these two famous species coffee. Here’s the generally difference duet for both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

10 Difference between Arabica Coffee Beans And Robusta Coffee Bean

1. Number of Chromosomes Coffee Bean

The beans of the varieties seen at least for amateurs once very similar. But this is deceptive. The genetic code is distributed in the Robusta on 22 chromosomes, the Arabica has 44 chromosomes twice as many. This can be seen in details such as shape and color of the leaves, but especially during growth. While wild Robustas up to 10 m can be high, the Arabica plant content with 6 – 8 m.

2. Coffee Bean Shapes

The clearest differentiator are the beans in shape and size. Robusta beans are rounded and smaller and have a nearly straight incision on the flatter side. Arabica beans, however, are a whole larger and flatter, the shape is clearly oval. The notch on the flat side is curved in a gentle S-shape – depending on its origin more or less clearly.

Arabica and Robusta are two major types of coffee beans.

3. Chlorogenic Acids (CGA)

The difference chlorogenic Robusta is 7-10% CGA and Arabica is has 5.5 – 5.8% CGA. Even at levels of chlorogenic acids, the Robusta bean has the edge. These acids are diuretic and can cause discomfort and indigestion stomach sensitive people.

4. Taste

The Arabica beans taste are flavorful rated higher than the Robusta taste. They are generally soft, aromatic and less bitter. But convince the Robustas with the better body. Many espresso places want the best of both worlds combine and therefore consist of a mixture of both types.

Commonly Robusta taste represent stronger, bitterness taste and peanutty after-taste

5. Cultivation

For Robusta compared to Arabica, the plant is more resistant. Not only parasites and diseases, but also high temperatures make it less than the Arabica. A few days after another tropical conditions with 30 ° C and more are no problem for Robusta, Arabica doing ever limp and suffer serious damage.

In addition, the Arabicas have a nemesis called Hemileia vastatrix. This parasite is successfully tackle only at an altitude of 900 meters. For this reason, there are at lower altitudes not Arabica plantations. Robusta need a warmer temperature of 18°-36°C and slightly more rainfall thanArabica. In conditions of yield, Arabica produces less coffee per hectare than Robusta, making of cost plant Arabica much higher.

6. The frost

The Arabica plants, even a few minutes can cause serious damage can be destroyed by a single night frost from time to time. The Robusta beans latter come wetter and warmer climate at lower elevations 200-300 meters most marvelous. There is no reason to postpone the cultivation of Robusta coffee in higher regions.


Harvested Coffee Beans

7. Height of the Plant

Arabica’s height usually grows between 2.5 – 4.5 meters compared to the Robusta’s height 4.5 – 6 meters.

Caffeine Amount in Arabica and Robusta

8. Price Consequence

This Arabica is almost automatically more expensive than Robusta. Higher elevations mean longer trips and often significantly steeper slopes. Price perspective can’t lie, coffee beans of robusta is about half the price of Arabica coffee beans in the market. Moreover additional expense for pesticide reduction and the most practical processing of Arabica beans.

9. Sugar content

The Arabica bean’s sugar appease 60% lipids and almost reach twice the concentration of sugar than robusta. This also has big influence why people prefer choosing the taste of Arabica.

10. Caffein Content

It’s important knowing the difference in the caffeine content of the two kinds of beans. For heart matter here is the Arabica’s bean with a caffeine content 1.1 to 1.7% while the Robusta bean better stimulant: 2 to 4.5% caffeine. The caffeine content can be influenced by the roasting hardly when the chlorogenic acids can be significantly reduced by slow and gentle roasting. Caffein per cub for Arabica is 120mg/cup while Robusta is 250mg/cup.


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So basicly based on your own taste to choose, which one is your favorite and presenting yourself. Would it be Arabica or Robusta to be your choice to represent you as coffee drinker.

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