7 Favorite Coffee Reveals About You

We must have our favorite coffee drinks. Whether you drink every day the same, or you tend to change your choice.

7 Favorite Coffee Reveals About You

1. A black coffee

Black coffee and old memory

You’re a very direct person and do not bother to unimportant things. More worried about the integrity and less on the whims and want to experience life in its true form.

2. Coffee with milk

the other alternative

credits : tinaskiwi/Flickr

You’re the most part dreamer and think that all people are good. Also, in any situation you’re looking ‘nice and positive things.

3. A brief espresso


credits : Elena S Pezzini/Flickr

You are a very stubborn person and a clear thinker who knows what he wants and goes for it.Many will say Not precipitate in fact, but you have a plan and you will not just give sway.

4. Long espresso

shocked espresso

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The same as under the previous point, you just take a little more time in order to get what you want.

5. Without caffeine coffee

Head says “go and grab the opportunity”, but the body does not respond to stimuli. Very often feel torn between what you do and what others expect of you.

6. Latte


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On such days you feel like Peter Pan and thinking how nice it would be to go back to childhood, and carefree days, when the only concern was when you go play in the park.

7. Cappuccino


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If you’re one of the people who drink this beverage in the morning, you people who like to relax and enjoy life in all its ups and downs. If your cappuccino you drink later in the day, strive for the truth, and sometimes it can be done and the wrong way. Therefore, it may be better to be in the evening, transfer it to regular coffee or espresso.

Plus! Hot chocolate

It is said that such people lack that certain something warm and sweet in life, just like the drink because he always been considered an aphrodisiac and support spiritual development. If you drink your hot chocolate with whipped cream, you really are in emotional distress.

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