Coffee Bean Variety – Top 6 Coffee Bean Variety Known and UnKnown

Coffee bean variety in botanical divided into four groups of coffee bean variety that we use for consumption comes from only one of these groups known as Eucoffea . Plants of the remaining three groups of African natives used to decorate gardens or as stimulants, but their fruits are mainly non-edible and have no commercial value. There are 73 types of Instant cappuccino wood, but only two coffee bean variety of cultivation. In the production, export, industrial processing, and mass consumption are the most important Coffea arabica L. and Coffea canephora L. , known as robusta . There are 200 different coffee bean variety of Arabica, grown commercially only ten. Of the 50 coffee bean, variety of Robusta commercially used.


Top 6 Coffee Bean Variety Known and UnKnown

1. Arabica


credits : Mark Coe/Flickr

Most popular coffee bean variety is Coffee Arabica (Coffea arabica) and also the oldest.  About 70% of the coffee in the world belong to this type. This Coffee bean variety that gives the grain from which you can get a coffee of high quality without any additives.

Coffee bean variety grows wild in Ethiopia and is grown in Brazil, Colombia, India, as well as Java, Sumatra and the Caribbean. Arabica grains are elongated and greenish. It gives a mild and aromatic coffee, sometimes enriched with a bit of chocolate and spices. The subtle aroma is accompanied by a low dose of caffeine, which ranges between 1 and 1.7%.

The plant Arabica is rich in minerals and located at altitudes over 600 meters. The ideal climate must be around 20 ° C. After the accident, in different areas, “disease” has affected the flora and nearly destroyed the variety Arabica coffee. From that moment different species were chosen and selected, productive grain that will be successfully introduced in the international market.


2. Robusta

Robusta Peaberry

credits : James Chen/Flickr

Similar as Coffee Arabica, its branches bend toward the ground, like an umbrella. During the year continuously in bloom.This coffee bean variety rounded grains of smaller, but richer in caffeine compared to the previous type and once the fry is very fragrant.
This species also vegetate in the lowlands and had the great fortune in trade. Less expensive equipment and it shows strong resistance to diseases, vegetating in desperate conditions.

The seed grows and flourishes much faster than Arabica seeds. Also, Robusta is more resistant to severe weather conditions. The grains  smaller and more curved than a grain of Arabica. They have a yellow-green color and are much stronger, of intense flavor. Robusta is accompanied by a stronger flavor and higher caffeine content (2-4.5%).
Several types obtained by crossing “Canephora” according to which Robusta (Strong) belongs to and is dispersed in Indonesia , Uganda, India and the western side of Africa.

3. Liberica

Liberica Coffee Beans

credits : Anthony Lam/Flickr

It originates from the forests of Liberia and Ivory Coast, a nice long-term plant, strong, luxuriant, with fruits and seeds dimension almost double that of Arabica and is resistant when parasites invade. This is coffee bean variety for the plant that needs high temperature and large amounts of water also It was chosen as the most lucrative of crossbred species  which mainly present in the Ivory Coast and Madagascar. Its grain, even if it is lower quality, provides a fragrant and pleasant coffee. The taste generally very appreciated in the Scandinavian countries.

Although in the world production represented only by 1%, one of the better-known coffee bean variety and Coffea Liberica , originally from Liberia. This species is much higher and larger than Arabica and Robusta, and can grow up to 18 meters. Commercially grown in West Africa and Madagascar and is quite susceptible to plant diseases.

4. Excelsa

Coffea excelsa Found in 1904, and this kind of resist diseases and dryness. It has a high yield and its Stale coffee bean gives except smell and pleasant taste. It is similar to coffee Arabica.

This coffee bean variety tiny excelsa grain bright yellow grains, with fruits very rich caffeine. It is resistant to drought and beginning to bear fruit relatively late, only 8-10 years after planting. Among coffee bean variety has the strongest tree that can grow very high. It grows in West Africa, Vietnam, and Indonesia

5. Arabusta

Arabusta founded by Specialists of the French Institute maker. He managed to get a new coffee bean variety cross between Arabica and Robusta. This new coffee bean variety crossing out in the best genetic properties ever been shown. However, it is very difficult to achieve satisfactory reproduction of the newly plant. It only grew in commercial quantities negligible to very limited areas, mostly in Brazil and the Ivory Coast.

6. Stenophylla

It  has never experienced commercial cultivation. But worth mentioning because it is the number of good qualities and superior of Arabica and Robusta. This coffee bean variety is the very strong plant, well tolerated, drought and moisture. The character is black fruit and gives higher yields. But When its roasted have a full and rich taste. With its cultivation has become seriously even started.

Red and mass outbreaks of rust, which has caused great damage to many plantations. In order to recover as quickly as possible, growers should plant that will yield the fastest return. Considered the period three years longer than Arabica and five years longer than Robusta so they turned to planting stenophylla . Although he showed great qualities, stenophylla never cultivated for commercial cultivation.



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