10 Famous Variation Types Of Coffee Espresso

Sitting down with friends at coffee’s house enjoying cup of coffee espresso while discuss business or chat with friends becomes so popular. Re-energized our energy for a while by drinks cup of coffee makes us relax. Somehow coffee drinks becomes matter when we’re confusing to choose types of coffee, is it Latte, espresso, cappuccino or etc. With or without additional ingredients such as steamed milk or foam. Some espresso have extra toppings to complete the beverage for example chocolate on a cappuccino.

Not only confused but sometimes we choose the wrong one isn’t it? A little knowledge about coffee espresso didn’t makes us feels like learning too much about coffee. There’s a lots of variation of coffee that served in coffee shop. It’s good for us to know what we buy, what coffee that we drink. Here’s the list of 10 famous variation types of coffee espresso.

10 Famous Variation Types Of Coffee Espresso

1. Espresso (short black)

Espresso is the basics and the most important part to every types of delicious coffee drinks. The coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. This strong black coffee as the foundation to make other espresso drinks.


2. Double Espresso (Dopio)

Double espresso or Dopio also means two shots espresso in one cup. There it is, enjoy your double espresso.

Double Espresso

3. Short Macchiato and Long Macchiato

Short Macchiato

Macchiato means espresso poured into the milk and foam, making layered effect through the serving glass. Short macchiato coffee has three rules of different layer, therefore begins with bottom is espresso, in the middle layer is mixed espresso and milk, and the top layer is steamed milk.


macchiato, short


Long Macchiato

Long Macchiato is made with steamed milk foam and espresso, the unique layers made by shows lines between milk and foam. The long macchiato needs two shots of espresso and small amount of hot water.




4. Piccolo latte

Picollo Latte is popular drink in Sydney about ten years ago. This baby latte, served in small latte glass topped with warm and silky milk. This taste is has a very strong but mellowed down the taste of espresso by steamed milk and micro foam.



5. Ristretto

A traditional short shot of espresso made with normal amount of coffee. By extracted with about half amount of water this will be a perfect espresso. Ristretto is from words ris-tret-to , means a very strong drink and high concentrated espresso.


6. Long Black (Americano)

This coffee is commonly found in Australia and New Zealand. This made by pouring double shot of espresso or ristretto over hot water. Hot water here is heated by espresso machine. Long Black coffee preserve creamer and less voluminous, therefore strongly flavored result

Long Black Coffee

7. Cafe latte

Cafe Latte is made from espresso and steamed milk topped with foamed milk if you want. This is very popular in America because its sweet and mellow flavor. Cafe latte is originally came from Italy. In a latte there is a bigger percentage of steamed milk than foam. The texture of this foam applied also very important and gives this coffee distinct look and mouthful.


saturday cafe latte

8. Cappuccino

Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink which traditionally prepared with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam also topped with cinnamon or chocolate powder, usually drink with sugar and with extra foam applied. However, those who prefer more milk than coffee often appreciate the flavored and finished taste of it.


9. Flat White

Flat White coffee is an originated in Australia in 1985. This beverage is prepared espresso by pouring steamed milk consisting of small until become microfoam. Flat White is simple Flat with not using Foam and white using Milk. It is similar to cappucinno or the latte even though in smaller volume, but having more volume in espresso to milk. So basicly Flat white coffee is richer than a Latte and Creamier than Cappuccino.

Flat White ~ Aharon Coffee, Los Angeles

10. Mocca

The mocca tree produces very tiny seeds. Invented in 1933 by Luigi. This Coffee also called as Moccaccino, has chocolate-flavored variant of cafe latte. Mocca is a mixed between cappuccino and hot chocolate with sprinkles of chocolate powder on top. This is American invention and inspired by the Turin coffee beverage. Mocca representing strong coffee with chocolate flavor.

Mocca for brekky Day 1

Now, you’ve been known with the knowledge that you need to order coffee espresso when you’re in coffee shop or you’re probably asking yourself which one your favorite. It’s quite helpful before you choose to consider two points : how much foam do you want? and how strong you want the taste of espresso to be. Do you love your coffee strong? then macchiato is your best shoot. If you don’t like foam or don’t want the foam to be highly texture, you may try latte or flat white coffee. Now you will be able to tell the difference among them all.

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